My personal experience about receiving a traffic ticket

Hello all,

I’m writing to you today to share a personal story about receiving a traffic ticket in Ottawa.  An event that, I hope, will never happen to you… and believe me, you don’t ever want to be on the receiving end of this traffic ticket! Especially, since it’s so preventable.

Having recently bought and registered his new vehicle, my friend (let’s call him John for the sake of the narration) was unable to attach his brand new license plate the same day.  Maybe he had too much to get done at work to spend so much time trying to put on the new plate (it’s not such an easy task), or maybe he was just tired.  Who knows? Whatever the reason, he decided to leave the old one on the car for the time being.


Unfortunately for John, he was stopped by the police at the corner of Elgin and Laurier in Ottawa.  Despite his pleas for mercy, his valid explanations, and his upstanding character,  the officer gave John a traffic ticket totaling $152 for lacking a valid license plate and for driving with an invalid license plate.

He could do nothing to dissuade the policeman from issuing this traffic ticket. Showing the registration papers that included the date of issue and the valid new license plate that he had with him in the car did not work; nor did my friend’s explanation that he couldn’t physically get the plate onto the car get him out of this situation. 

I will leave you with a word of advice; when you buy a new, car get yourself the proper tool needed to put the license plate on…and put it on immediately!

We would love to hear about your experiences.  Share them with us.  They might just help someone.

 Happy driving.  Until next time.

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